The Handyman’s Guide To Profit

Using Your Skills To Make Money
In Any Economy

A. William Benitez

Make Money With Your Home Repair Skills Now!

The Handyman’s Guide To Profit is a complete how to guide that will help you get started immediately. Everything you will find in the book is described in detail below.

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A Handyman business saved me from a serious financial situation when my profitable consulting business failed after federal funding dried up. Instead of trying to find a job I quickly bought and outfitted a small trailer with a limited collection of tools and hit the ground running. After a few small ads in a local weekly newspaper I was busy everyday and making a decent living. I started taking small jobs and soon got much larger ones. You can do the same.

Whether loss of a job, failure of a business or just a desire to work for yourself, my book The Handyman’s Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills to Make Money in any Economy can help you grow a financially successful handyman business. And now until February 1st, you can get a 40% discount and free shipping on my book.

Still not convinced? The rest of this page contains complete details about my book. I cover every detail of what worked for me over many years. Now use it to make money in any economy.

If You Are Doing Repairs On Your Own Home

You Could Be Using Those Skills To Make Money

Even though jobs are increasing many are low pay. This Economy Is Ideal For Self Employment

Start Right Now Using Proven Financially Successful Methods

My new book, The Handyman’s Guide To Profit, can help you start immediately making money with your home repair skills. My book is based on more than 30 years of personal, first-hand, self-employment experience in home repair and woodworking and is a complete course on succeeding in the home repair business. I cover every step from getting started to the day-to-day operation of the business using methods that worked for me for many years.

This is no pie in the sky romancing about self employment. It takes good home repair and business skills to operate a business successfully and now you can learn exactly how to use your present skills to succeed financially in the handyman business. And if you have questions I gladly answer them by email.

Copyright  2015  A. William Benitez

“This book has all the information you'll need to start your own handyman business. I particularly appreciated Mr Benitez's chapter, "How Much To Charge and Why" on determining how much to charge your clients. Something many struggle with; especially those new to the business. Use Mr. Benitez's math and you'll stay in business!”

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Truly lives up to the promise of its title

When the economy collapses into recession (or worse), men who have learned a variety of construction and household repair skills for everything from roofing to plumbing to glazing will find themselves laid off from their regular jobs with bleak prospects of re-hiring elsewhere. But there is one tremendous possibility that is open to all, that of self-employment as a handyman. In "The Handyman's Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy", A. William 'Bill' Benitez draws upon his personal and professional experience of 30 years in owning and operating a one-man business as a carpenter and handyman, and 20 years as a cabinet/furniture maker, to take readers through a superbly organized approach to starting up their own handyman operation. Every aspect is covered from recruiting customers, to pricing jobs, to getting paid, to expanding skill sets, to using the Internet, to accounting and taxes, and a great deal more. Practical and 'user friendly', "The Handyman's Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy" truly lives up to the promise of its title and should be considered essential reading for anyone seeking to setting themselves up to do a profitable business in these unprofitable times.

Midwest Book Review

Retired contractor with MBA uses book as checklist

Even as a retired contractor with an MBA, I found this book most helpful as a checklist of things to consider in starting my own handyman business. It is an excellent summary of what everyone should know about a small building business and about building a business. The writing style is to the point, thorough, and with no added fluff. You will learn about everything from customer service to internet marketing to business legal issues. But perhaps the most important thing I learned happened in thinking through all of the things he tells you to consider when figuring out what to charge. And he uses real numbers you can use today....…


Excellent Guide

I have owned a handyman business for about 12 years now and found this to be a very good guide. I even got some new ideas to try.

G. Luckett

Being raised in the construction business, I had pretty good carpentry skills in the home building and remodeling business. It didn’t take long to realize that the home repair business was simpler and because the jobs were smaller they were finished quickly and improved my profit. In spite of the initial success, my limited business skills caused me to make costly mistakes getting started. Over time I refined my skills and learned profitable business techniques. In spite of those early mistakes, I made my entire living from self employment for more than 30 years.

If there had been someone to guide me during those early times, I could have avoided most of those mistakes. The good thing is that I learned from them. Now you can learn how to avoid all of the mistakes I made and hit the ground running with my new book.

The Handyman’s Guide To Profit helps you avoid losing money and many other potential problems encountered during your business startup. I won't tell you that this is easy to do. It is a lot of work but my book covers everything that worked for me for over 30 years.

With that information you will work effectively and profitably and enhance your present skills while operating a financially successful full-time or part-time handyman business. You can start small and either grow a larger business or simply stay small and use your skills as a lucrative sideline. The choice is yours.

Use my concise and comprehensive how-to book, The Handyman’s Guide To Profit, to hone your home repair skills by taking advantage of my first-hand experiences in the business for more than 30 years. Every step is covered in detail so nothing is left to chance and you can get started making money immediately.

Reach out to and sell potential home repair customers in

your area.

Provide quality work and learn new techniques to gain and please customers.

Create accurate and profitable home repair quotes to ensure that every job is profitable.

Learn methods to ensure that you get paid in full for every

handyman job you take on. This is critical to your

financial success.

Keep accurate records on your business activities to avoid IRS problems.

Plus much more valuable information as listed below. Everything you need for starting a Handyman business and making money with your skills.

How Much To Charge and Why: This is probably the most difficult subject for a handyman. If you charge too much, the prospect may not become a customer. Charge too little and you could lose money. It's critical to get this right on every job. Even when you have completed your calculations for a job, you have to make certain that the final figure is correct. My book shows you how to test your calculations on every job to make certain you have charged enough. I had to learn this the hard way but with The Handyman’s Guide To Profit, you will have this information at your finger tips with a complete and easy to use formula for calculating the best possible price for every job.

The Handyman’s Guide To Profit also explains how to raise your prices as you become well known in your community. This topic alone will make you many times the price of the book.

Is The Handyman Business For You: Are you a self motivated and disciplined person? These important attributes are critical to financial success. This is most important to you in starting a handyman business full time because you will be setting your own hours and doing all the work.

Inventory of Your Skills: Learn how to use your strongest skills to get your business into a profit mode quickly. It also helps you in making certain the work your choose is familiar to you.

Inventory of Your Tools: Making certain you have all the right hand and power tools to do the work you choose to accept.

Home Repair Vehicle and Space: Choosing and setting up a vehicle for handling all your work. The advantages of having a work space other than just the customers home.

Licensing, Accounting, and Taxes: Everything you need to know to meet local requirements, account for all your income, and pay all applicable taxes on time.

Getting Started: This is critical to your financial success. Learn how to make the best of a limited budget and good selling skills. Selling does not have to be difficult. Whether full or part time you want to continue making money. How to have the best in customer service to keep customers coming back.

Contracting Your Jobs: This chapter includes instructions on when to prepare contracts, drawings, and specifications. It also includes how to get deposits on every job to insure that you get paid and avoid having to fund the purchase of materials for each job. This section also has a direct link to a web site where you can find all the forms you need to run your business. This forms are ready to use after editing them with your business information.

Getting Help: As your business grows, you may need some help. The best way to handle that situation is with subcontractors. Learn how to handle these arrangements carefully to avoid problems with the IRS.

Safety: Using power tools can be dangerous; many machines used in wood working can cause severe injuries in a split second of inattentiveness. In this chapter I cover the danger of power tools and how to plan your work for safety. Safety should be a top priority to every wood worker.

Final Notes: These are just some final thoughts that you will find of real value. Here you will find a collection of hints and tips that I have found useful over many years of self employment. Some are new and many simply bear repeating.

Remember, everything in my book is based on my first-hand experience over more than 30 years. I sold every job, completed every job, handled my own accounting and income tax preparation and I share all of that with you. These methods can work for you also.

Glossary: This is a complete glossary of terms directly related to the woodworking business.

Get your copy of The Handyman’s Guide To Profit right now by clicking the Buy Now button above. If you are without a job or want to make extra money with a good side business, The Handyman’s Guide To Profit will guide you every step.

In addition to an Introduction and a Glossary, there are eleven comprehensive chapters as listed above.