The Handyman’s Guide To Profit

Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy


Five Stars by Handyman

Get started in the right direction.

I researched a lot of books on this subject before I chose this one, and I'm glad I did.

A family member bought me some books on starting a business and they didn't really cover any of the information I was looking for. This business is a business however you sell yourself and your abilities, not a product made somewhere else by someone else in a rented space.

This book was informative and gave practical knowledge and experience that was easy to understand.

I would recommend this book to those who are thinking about going out on your own, and those who already have…

Four Stars by James Riley

Highly recommended

Very good reference guide for anyone considering starting a handyman business. I love doing handyman chores and am thinking of starting a part time small business when retired.

Five Stars by Jeremy

Great book written by a good man

Good useful information for anyone with a home repair business. I enjoyed the read and will use the information in my business. Thank You Bill.

Five Stars by Brian


This book tells you everything you need to know from getting jobs to what tools you need I dont read much but this book was easy to read and understand great great book he tells you step by step what you need...recomd it highly.

Five Stars by G. Luckett

Excellent Guide

I have owned a handyman business for about 12 years now and found this to be a very good guide. I even got some new ideas to try.

Four Stars by Susan

Good book

the book is well thought out and answers many of the questions that one should consider when contemplating this endeavor.

Five Stars by Mike 1912

This is a great read

This book has all the information you'll need to start your own handyman business. I particularly appreciated Mr Benitez's chapter, "How Much To Charge and Why" on determining how much to charge your clients. Something many struggle with; especially those new to the business. Use Mr. Benitez's math and you'll stay in business! Check out the author's blog at

Five Stars by PenNameWilliam

Retired Contractor with MBA uses book as checklist

Even as a retired contractor with an MBA, I found this book most helpful as a checklist of things to consider in starting my own handyman business. It is an excellent summary of what everyone should know about a small building business and about building a business. The writing style is to the point, thorough, and with no added fluff. You will learn about everything from customer service to internet marketing to business legal issues. But perhaps the most important thing I learned happened in thinking through all of the things he tells you to consider when figuring out what to charge. And he uses real numbers you can use today.......